Our History

Battle Scars Ministries, Inc. was established July 16, 2009 by Founder, Author and Rev. Audre’L Davis-Jones. After the arduous writing and finally publishing her first book, “Battle Scars of Emotions ~ Divine Healing from the Scars of Life.” In 2008 she sought out to create a
platform where her voice, as well as many others who are caught up in the cycle of domestic abuse could be heard. It is through speaking her own truth of the many violent experiences and horrible encounters of the various forms of firsthand abuse that she once endured early in her
youth, is how she got her power back. Since then, she has been a voice for the voiceless.

By doing so, this made her aware of her own healing and strength that came about in time. Therefore, she was determined to advocate for teenage girls in her quest for breaking the cycle of childhood abuse and finally using her own stories of domestic violence and abuse to share with others that they were not alone. After the death of one of the young adults she mentored, who was killed by the hands of her husband, Audre’L renders every effort to make known the severe danger of remaining in a violent relationship. With this delicate encounter and personal experiences, Battle Scars Ministries Inc., is Audre’L personal challenge to persevere “in breaking the silence and the cycle of domestic violence/abuse one victim at a time,” as a lifetime mission.

With great passion, tenacity, determination, self-funding and hard work since 2009, founder Audre’L Davis-Jones has kept Battle Scars Ministries, Inc. remained afloat through grassroots efforts. She has used her many talents through various speaking engagements, in writing and producing plays, and teaching sewing to both youth and adults to help strengthen and motivate others. She has sustained the ministry by speaking in the pulpit and at Domestic Violence events where she is inspired to share empower and enlighten others with her real-life knowledge and first-hand personal involvement with Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Hence, on March 19, 2021, Battle Scars Ministries, Inc., was re-established with a new working Board of Directors who are dedicated to, “Strengthening the Battered, Mending the Broken and Healing the Bruised.”